Born in Ghana, a West African country, Evan Adamafio was endowed with musical talents. As a young musician he started as a bass player in the 80's where he played with different musical groups & solo artists in Ghana. Including Jewel Ackah, The Hippies Band and The Sweet talks Band. After relocating to the U.S.A., Evan had the privilege to record with musical legends such as Pat Thomas, Dan Davis and the popular group Kool & the Gang. Evan also worked with Larry. P. Rauson on some of his own well known tracks including "Seke crazy love ", and "Africa ". Over the years, he upgraded his musical skills allowing for more versatility. Today he is one of the known instrumentalists and vocalists of his generation. As he worked with Mr.Ronald Bell of Kool & the Gang, Evan delved into other aspects of music such as composition and production. Evan has a deep passion for music and is ready to help you with your musical projects. Check the production page to see more on his skill set and for any additional information link up with him using the connect page.
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